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If you would like to promote Zenvia Hemp products at your business, whether online or a retail establishment, let us know!


Online Retailers

We will create a unique coupon code for your followers to use, which will do two things. One, it will offer them a discount on all purchases they make from Zenvia Hemp and two, each sale with that coupon code used will generate a 15% commission for you! Your followers get a discount because of you, you get a commission, and we get an opportunity to gain a new customer!

Brick & Mortar Locations

Reach out to us to discuss our options, whether consignment or wholesale pricing! Let’s form a partnership!

Employee Discounts

A dollar saved, is a dollar earned and for all the right reasons. If you want to provide your employees with a perk for working at your business, let us know and we can help you create an engagement program for your employees and drive natural wellness across your organization! This is future of wellness!

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